Friday, 13 April 2007

HHH Burnie Hash Trash April 13

The moment has arrived – the Golden Gut-Arse have been dusted off and the engraver busy etching G-R-I-Z-Z-L-Y onto the Bolt Error Award for Best Trail of the Year. The King Komm Tumworth Country Stables have been swept and the red hay rolled out for the visiting celebrities.

This SATURDAY is the Burnie H3 AGPU and R*n 888 starting at 6:30 from the car park at the western end of West Beach. This will be followed by a quick circle, then dinner and the Golden Gut-Arse awards. The JMs will then bring the Year of the Chunder to a close by announcing the next democratically-elected mismanagement committee (I voted GonZo for On Sec).

$25 will get you a three course meal, some grog*, a badge, (?)entertainment and the world-famous BH3 Anal Report
* hash bucket and some wine available - BYO drink of choice for a big night out

There will not be a r*n on the Sunday due to the strong likelihood of hangovers.


Apr 22 – Targa breakfast @ King Comm (7am start)
Apr 25 – Hash Old Farts Trekkers to Walls of Jerusalem (or alternate if weather less than kind)
Jun 9-10 – Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Great Lakes Hotel
Jun 23-24 - Devonport H3 Shortest Run Weekend @ Guildford (to be confirmed)
Jul 7 - Global Harriettes Run (07.07.07)
Jul 7 - Hobart Hash Ball
Aug 25-26 - Devonport H3 Tour de Pisse
Mar 21-23 2008 - Interhash, Perth WA


R*n 888 - Saturday April 14 - Ringo and Urang - AGPU! - Burnie
R*n 889 - Apr 22 - Knickers - TBA
R*n 890 - Apr 29 - Dick Tayshun – Montello (Mexican theme)
R*n 891 - May 6 - Lone Arranger - TBA

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