Sunday, 6 May 2007

Next R*n - No. 891

R*n 891, Sunday 6th May 2007, 3:30pm start
Hare: Lone Arranger
On on: Romaine Park, Burnie
Hash cash: $10 (note extravagant increase announced by JMs last r*n)
Bring: hat, mug and joke


Anonymous said...

wow a increase in the hash cash whats burnie hash comeing too ????

A Bit of This said...

Burnie Hashers should be thankful to have had such a cheap deal so far. The southern 'lot' pay $10 a r*n and either get food or drink --- rarely both.. and they certainly don't get guinness!!! Their wine is only good for gargling with... whereas the Burnie brew is renowned statewide if not further afield!!!
Stop complaining... at least one of our JM's is planning a long trip abroad and will need spending money!! The Hash Monk is also taking a break from her onerous duties; she will have to make do with a pitiful pension for her trip..... could I be considered for Hash Cash next year???