Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Christmas Trip Notes

Time and distance conspired against the traditional card this year. I am in the United States  visiting family for the Christmas season.
Currently looking forward to Ralph arriving on Wednesday in San Francisco. I may have to wait until Friday before we connect, plans to go and pick him up are slowly sliding under a storm seige, 3 storms in a row. Weather in Reno has been very cold not breaking 30F for over 10 days, rose to 1C or 2C most days after -8/9 C start. I visited a friend in Maine, the north eastern part of the US and joined in the 'leaf peepers' fall tourism influx. Mountain sides covered with patches of red, gold, yellow and green were spectacular.
 Managed to see a moose in the wild but it took a lot of looking. Visited many graveyards took photos and captured an 'Orb' at one. 'Orbs' are round balls of light/ colour floating in the picture. Orbs are spirits - ghosts and a red orb is an angry one! You can' see them but cameras and flashes pick them up. Etiquette for visting a cemetary is to ask permission to enter and when leaving it is important to say thank you and tell any active spirits they must remain in the cementary and not follow you out.
Back to Christmas and it is very likely it will be a white one in Reno which will be nice as Reno in winter is predominately brown. Snow from an earlier fall on Dec 7 is still with us, the many hills are frosted in white and look lovely against the brillant blue skies Reno can get in the winter.
After Christmas Ralph and I will be attempting a road trip up to Seattle and maybe Canada, weather will be a factor in this endeavour. We will be away from computers for about 3-4 weeks. I request that emails be delayed until I am active on the computer again.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a grand New Year in 2008 with health and joy abounding.
Merry Christmas
Paula and Ralph (in absentia)
Paula Hanks

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