Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Next R*n - No. 926

Sunday 6th January 2008, 17:30pm start
Hare: Dini
On on: 8 Arthur Street, Ocean Vista (click here for map)
Hash cash: $10
Bring: Hat, mug, joke and a friend


Anonymous said...

Trash says r*n starts 5.30pm (1730) - blog says 1830. Which is real, true and actual? Or does it mean that (Queenslander) DT starts at 5.30pm and the rest of the (Tassie) pack start at 6.30?
Just curious.
Signed: A hasher who is A Nony Mous but has recently become one of the blokes (no extra dangly bits though).

Shadowy figure said...

17:30 - the 18:30 was a NYE cut and paste hang-over

Anonymous said...

True Blue Tassie Shelia says....

God I only went to visit Mum for Xmas in Brissie and I lose my status again as a local!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry True Blue Tassie Sheila. It won't happen again. DT stands for Dinkum Taswegian from now on ...
Signed: New Bloke on the Block (I'd do blockies except for those d**n speed humps).