Sunday, 18 May 2008

R*n 944

Sunday 18th May 2008, 3:30pm start
Hare: B.A. Stard
On on: the hole in the road, Dial Road, Penguin (follow Dial Road until you can go no further - see map)
Hash cash: $10
Bring: Hat, mug, joke, friend, pen torch*, mobile phone*

* one of each shared between 13 hashers, please


Anonymous said...

What about those brave dogs that accompanied the intrepid Hashers on thet horrendous night? One died as a result one is scarred for life1

Grizzly said...

More than scarred 'A Bit of Anonymous', people keep poking Truly to see if she is still alive!

Anonymous said...

that was that vile man Herr Flick because he wnted more fuel for the firepot and Portholes wouldn't let him dig Maverick up.