Friday, 22 August 2008

Hash Trash 22 August 2008 - Wild West Weekend

Yee and Haw. Howdy pardners!

This week's Burnie Hash is a rootin' tootin' affair from the ol' Bischoff Saloon in the wild west town of Waratah.

Gunslingers and purdy young gals from around the state will be saddling up and heading south for Burnie Hash's 950th bash.

Deputy Sheriffs Urang and Phay Ray have been on the trail of Billy the Bastard and the posse will gather from half an hour past high noon to get yer allocated bunk for the night and then ride out in search of this notorious short-cutting bastard at 2pm. The Sheriffs warn that the trail gets mighty wet and sticky, so no wearing of your Sunday best, yer hear?

When the outlaw has been secured, the posse will circle up and chew the baccy, before getting changed into their dancin' clothes for a nosh up and ol' fashioned hoe-down!
At sun-up there'll be a good ol' hangin' and another trail to follow for thems what hasn't had too much 100-proof rot gut.

Deputy Phay Ray sez you'd better rug up nice and warm like, and bring a decent wad for yer ears, cos them gals get purdy noisy singin' them songs (not ta mention those snorin' ranch hands).
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
August 23-24 - Burnie H3's Wild West Weekend @ Waratah
September 12 - Hobart Full Moon AGPU @ Annapurna Indian Restaurant
September 20-21 - Launceston H3 beach bums weekend
September 27 - Chardonnay Grand Final run @ Kingston Beach
September 27 - Launceston H3 Grand Final run
October 11 - Hobart Hash Harem 500th
† October 11 - Hobart (H5) Oktoberfest @ TBA - oh dear!
October 18-19 - Burnie H3 Burnie 10 weekend
November 1 - Combined Hash Ball @ Lenah Valley RSL
May 1-3 - Aussie Nash Hash @ Cairns
R*n 950 - Aug 23 - Phay Ray and Urang @ Waratah Wild West Weekend
R*n 959 - Aug 24 - Urang @ Waratah
R*n 960 - Aug 31 - Dyke @ HOFT to Lee's Paddocks
R*n 961 - Sep 7 - Trakka @ TBA
R*n 962 - Sep 14 - GonZo @ TBA

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