Friday, 21 November 2008

Hash Trash 21 November 2008

Ever since Ratchet was transplanted, pruned and sprayed to Gawler, all bar one of his runs have started from the back door of the hacienda.  This week, however, Ratchet has thrown off the shackles (and Knickers' job list) to head out into territory unknown - the Sith Cala Nature Reserve, Bretts Road, North Motton.

From the hare himself, directions are: from the Bass Hwy, turn off and pass through Gawler and on through the township of North Motton.  Just a few hundred metres past the town turn right into Bretts Road [approximately 6.3km from Gawler shop].  This becomes a gravel road after about a kilometre.  Continue along the gravel for about half a km and take the first turn right into the Sith Cala Nature Reserve.  It is signposted but you cannot see the signs until you have turned off, and at first it appears you are turning into a farmhouse.

New territory! You lucky people.

The r*n starts at 5:30pm; bring a hat, mug, $10 for bucket and burgers, piece of wood, chartreuse, and a friend.  Bring extra money for a chance to win something vaguely drinkable, edible, usable or wearable.


Heaping indignity upon last week's assault (course), our poor On Sec finds out from the weekly poll that almost half of her readership doesn't read the Hash Trash!  From twelve responses, only one admits to reading the Trash at the on on, four wait until they get home, while two wait for their next bowel movement to read it (perhaps it is used as an aid).  Four admit to only looking at the pictures and one dastard doesn't read it at all.  There were no responses to reading just before setting fire to it, meaning that Dint doesn't visit the Burnie blog site.

This week's poll is: Which annual hash away event do you most look forward to?
Go to, look for the poll on the right side of the page and record your vote (closes next Thursday).

On the subject of polls - a last-minute surge saw Dini crowned as Tasmania's 'foxiest filly' in the Chardonnay H3 poll, after days of neck-and-necking with Zero (eewwww).


UP AND CUMMING. ( updated)
January 10 - High Noon for Full Moon VI @ Ross
January 31 - Hobart (H4) 2000th run @ The Lea
February 7 - Red Dress Run @ Hobart
February 20-22 - Swine 09 Pig Pen Run @ Nugent
May 1-3 - 2009 Aussie Nash Hash @ Cairns


R*n 973 - Nov 23 - Ratchet @ North Motton
R*n 974 - Nov 30 - A Bit of This @ Somerset
R*n 975 - Dec 7 - Dyke @ Devonport
R*n 976 - Dec 14 - hare-less
R*n 977 - Dec 21 - Phay Ray and Urang's Christmas R*n

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