Monday, 1 June 2009

Burnie H3 1000th - return to the stone H... er, age

Before the Hash there was nothing…

It’s the year 1000 B.H. (1978), and things are primitive.

Burnie is an uncivilised place - no Hash on a Sunday, no Burnie Ten weekends, Grizzly is just a smooth-cheeked boy scout leader in a silly hat. The city holds its breath, waiting for something a little different…

Enter Boss Harrier, bringing an ancient ritualist sect from the old cuntry….the Hash House Harriers, renowned for their r*nning, drinking, drinking and drinking.

1000 R*ns ago our Hash was born, and in celebration we invite you to join us for a special r*n to a sacred site, and later a night of Neanderthal proportions.

R*n: Saturday June 20th, 1.30pm
From: 448 West Mooreville Road, Burnie
Evening: Wear just your best skins and bones
On On, Feasting, Badge & Hat provided, BYO drinks.
Prehistoric value at only $25

Cavemen with big bones welcome
Cavewomen with appetite for big meat very welcome

On! On!

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