Friday, 31 July 2009

HHH Hash Trash 31 July 2009

The saddles have been hung up, the hosses have been fed and the spittoons emptied for another year.  But things are still heading west for Burnie Hash as WWW award-winning (harrumph) duo of the year, Giggles and BoomBoom set forth, not from Forth because that would be east, but Somerset, but not West Somerset, but it is west of Burnie.

Trail starts at 3:30pm from 15 Loongana pl, Somerset; bring a hat, mug, friend, joke $10 for food and bucket, and extra cash for a chance to win a bottle of Diet Pepsi on the Chunderous Wheel of Fortune.
Devonport H3 le Tour de Pisse 2009
Your choice of le walk, run or motorcycle

Saturday August 15th, 2009, 2pm
OZ Rock Inn, Ulverstone (note change of venue)

le Cost $50.00, which includes
* refreshments before the event, during the event and after the event
* evening meal (barbecue)
* entertainment
* commemorative hash haberdash
* recovery walk Sunday morning
* chance to speak in outrageously bad accent

RSVP to Monsieur Black Trakka – ph 0419 442 220

Updates and information at
I'm not bitter about not winning a trophy.  Really.
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
August 15-16 - Devonport H3's Tour de Pisse
September 9 - 7th Global Harriettes R*n (09/09/09)
October 3-4 – H5 Oktoberfest and 1500
th Run @ Bronte Park
October 17-18 - Burnie 10 weekend – Hawaii One-Oh
R*n 1010 - August 2 - Giggles and Boom Boom @ 15 Loongana Pl, Somerset
R*n 1011 - August 9 - A Bit of This @ TBA
R*n 1012 - August 15 - DH3 Tour de Pisse @ Ulverstone
R*n 1013 - August 23 - Trakka @ Wynyard

R*n 1014 August 30 Phay Wray
R*n 1015 September 6 Phay Wray
R*n 1016 September 9 7th Global Harriettes R*n (09/09/09)
R*n 1017 September 13 Phay Wray
R*n 1018 September 20 Phay Wray
R*n 1019 September 27 Phay Wray
R*n 1020 October 4 Phay Wray
R*n 1021 October 11 Phay Wray
R*n 1022 October 17 Hawaii One-0
R*n 1023 October 18 Burnie One-0 

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A Bit of This said...

Total cock up in receding hareline! Does the web wanker not read his mail.9.8.09 A Bit of This Hiscutt Park. 30.8.09 DT @TBA 6.9.09 Chunder @TBA. 9.9.09. Dini @ A Bit of This BITCH R*n. Phay Ray is resting on her laurels!!

Griz said...

Did I forget to mention that I'm not bitter about not winning a trophy?

A Bit of This said...

No I had no idea!!! You must be devastated!!