Friday, 16 October 2009

HHH Hash Trash 16 October 2009


This weekend is fraught with danger. Never mind that Urang has spent all week trying to recreate a Hawaiian volcano in the pool room or that the hares have set trail over hot coals - the big danger comes from the combination of grass skirts, a fire, and Herr Flick.

Hashers looking for a lei should assemble at the West Mooreville Rd cat/chicken/moose farm this Saturday at 1:30pm for a 2pm start. Afterwards, hashers will don all manner of clothing that looks no different after being vomited on, and dine on Hawaiian cuisine (anything with pineapple added). The night will no doubt finish with a dip in the natural hot springs, although those words may not appear in the correct order.

Then on Sunday (for all those masochists), join 1,000 hashing wanna-bes for the 25th Burnie Ten. Will Mice Boxx-Wanker be there? More importantly, will Dini be there at the half way point? Afterwards, head back to Ringo and Dini's for a wind down and a top up.
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
November 2 – Camp Quality run @ RYCT, Sandy Bay
November 12 - Chardonnay H3 Sex Hundredth Run @ Polish Club (New Zealand theme) $20 for fud, puss stop and bedge
November 20-21 – Launceston H3 - Pirates and Wenches @ Bayside Vistas, Bridport
January 30 – Gathering of the Moons (aka High Noon)
July 2-4 – 2010 Rainforest Interhash
I would like to acknowledge that last week's e-mail, which implied that Knickers would not be setting trail, was not entirely factual. The e-mail claimed that Knickers would be mowing lawns and trimming edges while the trail would magically appear. Clearly this was not the case and I apologise to Knickers and to the readership for such a misleading statement. The e-mail should have said that experienced hare Knickers would be setting trail, while the surrounding airspace would be filled with flying pigs.
R*n 1022 - 17/10/2009 - Hawaii One-0 @ 448 West Mooreville Rd, Burnie
R*n 1023 - 18/10/2009 - Burnie One-0
R*n 1024 - 25/10/2009 - Speed Hump @ Burnie tip (trash hash)
R*n 1025 - 01/11/2009 - A Bit of This @ Sulphur Creek
R*n 1026 - 08/11/2009 - Phay Ray & Urang @ Mooreville Rd, Burnie
R*n 1027 - 15/11/2009 - Giggles @ 448 West Mooreville Rd, Burnie (11am apres-party stroll)
R*n 1028 - 22/11/2009 - Ratchet @ TBA
R*n 1029 - 29/11/2009 - GonZo @ TBA
R*n 1030 - 06/12/2009 - Dyke @ TBA
R*n 1031 - 13/12/2009 - TBA @ TBA
R*n 1032 - 20/12/2009 - JMs' Christmas R*n @ TBA
R*n 1033 - 31/12/2009 - Humpy New Year and Blue Loon

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Anonymous said...

Which to believe?? The receding hareline in the electronic trash or the highlighted one on the right of the page??? To the right of course!!!

Web Wanker said...

Well, my dear Anonymous, one must consider that the weekly broadcast is always correct, but only correct until such time as information changes. The receding hareline on the right of the blog page is always correct too, but sometimes more recently correct than the EHT.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Web Wanker for explaining that conundrum for me a simple pheasant!!