Friday, 30 July 2010

Hash Trash 30 July 2010

Dear reader,

You've been strangely silent this past week.  Perhaps you are upset by the attention being shown by 'the other', or perhaps the Trailmaster has finally stepped into the 21st century and you no longer feel wanted (but no, the absence of a decent receding hareline rules that out).
I have been forced to rely upon information via that bint from Burnie, who also happens to be this week's hare.  Trail apparently starts at Pioneer Park, follow signs, probably closer to South Riana but nowhere near Choveau Road.  This seems to be rather vague, but there's nothing quite so ball-tingling as heading out late on hash day with only a general idea of where you are going.  Perhaps you wouldn't understand, being somewhat lacking in the 'two veg' department.
In the absence of information to the contrary, I'll make the call of a 3pm start, and bring a hat, mug, joke, firewood and $10 for brew and burgers; Chunder may even have some ill-fitting shirts from Sarawak to raffle off.
I do hope to hear from you again, dear reader, as I miss your demanding e-mails and rebuking comments.
I've been bad, please hurt me
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
Saturday August 7 - Hash Ball
Saturday August 14-15 - Wild West Weekend VII @ Waratah
† Saturday August 21 - Election Day Hash (Hobart)
Saturday September 4 - DH3 Tour de Pisse
† Thursday September 23 - LoonR Hash @ Legana Tavern
† Friday September 24 - Hobart Full Moon AGPU
† Saturday September 25 - AFL Grand Final Day runs (Hobart and Launceston)
† Saturday October 2 - LH3 1900th @ Lulworth
† Saturday October 2 - H5 Oktoberfest
Sunday October 10 - Global Harriettes Day (10/10/10)
Saturday October 16-17 - Burnie Ten weekend
† Saturday October 30 - LH4 850th @ Ansons Bay
† R*n 1063 - 01/08/2010 - Dini @ Pioneer Park, Riana

On! On!


A Bit of This said...

Dear WW,

Your "dear reader" was gazumped by the BB (Burnie Bint).. hence no word to you from me. Told to go paint a wall as she'd already sent you the receding hareline. I am devastated but I will recover in time with a lot of guinness to ease the pain!

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thank you