Saturday, 9 October 2010

Global Harriettes R*nning at Leith

This Sunday 10.10.10 Burnie Hash dons the frocks and lipstick to celebrate Global Harriettes' Day.
It's a "girls only" outing set by the lovely Ratchette, which minces off at 5pm from the Leith Reserve(over the river from Turners Beach).
Rumour has it that the on on will be at the nearby Forth Pub, but you know how women change their minds...
Bring hat, purse, hankie, clean underwear, money for raffle and ?pub meal.
On! On! Dini


A Bit of This said...

How wonderful to have an electronic trash again. Thank you Dini. Incidentally where IS the WW?? Has he left the country???

Eric said...

Off topic, but how do we find your r*ns? New to Burnie, not to hashing.


Pucker Boy (ex Saipan H3)