Friday, 15 April 2011

HHH Hash Trash 15 April 2011

The mathematicians amongst us would no doubt recognise that the number of this week's Burnie trail - 1101 - is the binary representation of the decimal number 13.

Luckily, the average Burnie hasher is unconcerned by superstition (and the average Devonport hasher can't count past 10), so any suggestions of impending disaster at the hare-y hands of Ringo will be met with stoic resolve and stiff upper lip (or other body parts capable of occasional stiffening).  Mirror breaking and ladder limbo dancing will commence at 4:00pm SHARP from an undisclosed point past the Highclere 'shop' (look for signs, such as a black cat crossing the road).

Bring a hat, mug, joke, friend, $10, raffle change and extra drinks if you are a p!sshead.
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
April 18th 2011—LoonRhasH (Devonport Hares)
† April 18th 2011—H5 AGPU @ Indian Kitchen, Collins St Hobart
May 28th 2011—Burnie HHH AGPU
June 11-13th 2011—Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Bronte Park
October 16th 2011—Burnie Ten
November 11th 2011—Global Harriettes
1101 April 17th—Ringo
1102April 24th—Easter Tarkine HOFT
1103 May 1st—Urang
1104 May 8th—Lone Arranger
1105 May 15th—A Bit of This
1106 May 22nd—TBA
† 1111 May 28th—?AGPU

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A Bit of This said...

Thank you.One learns so much from the electronic trash!!!