Monday, 11 July 2011

Vale Christopher 'Lord' Eden

It is with sadness that we report the recent passing of Christopher "Lord" Eden, co-founder of Hobart Hash House Harriers.

Lord Eden was an icon in Tasmanian hashing circles and supported our chapter's inaugural run in 1978:
Taking into account the limited intelligence and lack of experience of our pack, we invited one Lord Christopher Eden, co-founder of the Hobart Chapter and Rex Viney, Founder of the Launceston Chapter.
They failed to impress our members greatly.  The former, who had arrived in all his pomp and glory, was by the end of the day reduced to a mumbling drunk and the latter, who during the closing stages of the run, had his testicles rearranged whilst astride an electric fence in wet pastures, spent the rest of the evening snarling at anyone who went near him.

Lord Eden, now hashing with Cloud Nine H3.

Chris 'Lord' Eden left, with Mike Boss-Walker and Rex Viney
at Burnie H3's first run in November 1978

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