Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Burnie HHH Next R*n March 17th

Not satiated by r*nning amok in the sacred corners of Latrobe (1826), this week Burnie Hash takes on the Village Green in the even more historic township of Westbury (1823). Naturally it can only be the history which has drawn our club to r*n so far from home. It would be nothing to do with the coincidental St Patrick's Day festival, with the certainty of a warm black pudding and shamrock salad washed down by a vat of a certain rather famous Porter...
Hosts Launceston H3 will be on hand to relieve you of $45 in exchange for a pair of shorts, piss stop, camping facilities and the chance to immerse in all things Irish.
Festivities kick off on Saturday 17th from around midday with the r*n scheduled to start about 1.30pm from the showground. Camp, drink and be merry, b'gorrah. And don't forget to colour up in your best emerald green. Where's GonZo when we need her?
On! On!

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Anonymous said...

I was with you in spirit well maybe in thought. Miss you all from the land of perennial green