Sunday, 4 June 2017

R*n 1432.

Sunday 11th June. Joint r*n with LoonRhash. 6.30 pm meet on Woolies Car park Ulverstone for a stroll and meal.
 The AGPU was duly held at the Isandula Rd Retirement home on 3rd June. An excellent evening; the new committee was sworn in and out again!which made little difference... the result is: GM's Ewe Turn and Phay Wray. JM's Pucker Boy, Sword Swallower and A Bit of This. Hash Cash Ratchet. Hops/Flash Ringo. Horn Ratchet. Lips Urang and Slack Mac. On Sec OverDose. Trailmistress Knickers. Monk Speed Hump. Hash Hound Handler Gonzo. Foreign Correspondent Mr. Sheen.

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