Thursday, 25 January 2007

Mid-Week Hashit Nominations

Speed Hump would like to nominate Speed Hump for getting in the wrong car to go home last Tuesday night. Dini’s steering wheel looks very similar to mine (it’s round, and near the driver’s seat) but the key doesn’t fit … Beats me why witnesses Subby, Nicer or A Bit of This didn’t dob and nominate.

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Speed Hump


dini said...

I will certainly be locking my car in future from the likes of Speedy who after one glass of altar wine cannot recognize her own car - and worse still it's a Houdini. Appalled. It's appalling.

A Bit of This said...

We were all too deep conversing about important matters such as where the next glass was coming from to notice such a trivial thing as Speed Hump trying to pinch Dini's car just so she could put another dent in it!! Sorry Speedy it was a nice try!!

On-on A Bit of This.