Friday, 22 June 2007

HHH Hash Trash June 22

LOST: One daughter, last seen living with new beau in Cooee.

This Sunday we help hare Speed Hump track down her missing daughter, the lovely Miss Fawny Kate, somewhere in the megatropolis of Cooee. The search will start at 3:30pm from 45 Saundridge Road, in Cooee, which may or may not be where she lives. Speed Hump has a number of other houses to send us to if she is wrong.

Bring a hat, mug and joke, plus $10 and change for Knickers’ raid-the-nearest-hasher’s-cellar raffle.


‘LOST’: one Hashit

Covered in attractive decoupage of Grizzly, this once magnificent pristine plastic poe was ‘lost’ in a record two minutes while the holder was attending to official business. Very careless.


‘LOST’: one pair of Bastard bikie gloves

Still missing and need to be ‘found’ immediately. GM Speed Hump has declared an end to ‘lost property’, except where people actually do leave stuff behind. Things start off as a joke but it’s now one where everyone knows the punchline.


Registrations for the Interhash 2008 Red Dress Run are now open. Cost is $30 with proceeds going to Motor Neurone Research and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. Go to for details and registration.


Last chance to put your hand up for a Burnie H3 jacket before we start offering them to the southern hordes (or Vinnies). The jackets are a three-in-one style (zip off sleeves and hood) with a woven nylon outer and fleecy inner (reversible) in royal and dark blue. The cost per jacket is $45. We have limited numbers and sizes, so first in, best dressed (literally).


We have provisionally filled all available beds for the Burnie 900th weekend on 4th-5th August. If you have been too slack to book and want to join in, let us know and we will ‘wait list’ you as there are beds that are unconfirmed. The cost is $60, which includes two r*ns with circle, badge, accommodation evening meal and cooked breakfast. Check the list at to make sure that we have reserved your spot.



Jun 30 – Hobart Full Moon Blue Moon Run @ South Arm
Jul 7 – Global Harriettes Run (07.07.07)
Jul 7 – Hobart Hash Ball (see for details)
Aug 4-5 – Burnie 900th @ Waratah
Aug 25-26 – Devonport H3 Tour de Pisse
Mar 21-23 2008 – Interhash, Perth WA



R*n 897 – June 24 – Speeeed Hump @ Cooee
R*n 898 – July 1 – Trakka @ Sisters Beach (HOFT - to be confirmed)
R*n 899 – July 7 – Lone Arranger @ Burnie (Global Harriettes R*n)
R*n 902 – July 15 – Ratchet @ Gawler
R*n 903 – July 22 – GonZo @ TBA
R*n 904 – July 29 – Ringo @ TBA
R*n 900 – August 4 – Urang and Phay Ray @ Waratah
R*n 901 – August 5 – Urang @ Waratah
R*n 903 – August 12 – Grizzly @ TBA

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booked the red dress run in perth . anonymous and camelot.