Friday, 8 June 2007

Home thoughts from abroad.

This 'monking business' is more of an exact science than I had imagined!!

It was just a passing thought on how nice it would be for the Hashers to at least be dry when freezing their bits at Great Lake....five minutes later.... lo and behold 40mm dropped on my head while walking back to base after lunch with Bad Habits!! That was yesterday!!!

Today not a lot better!!! 150 mm in 3 hours at Taree and more forecast for most of NSW... Newcastle is copping a fair bit and there are road closures!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand
Bad Habits and Martin are catching a plane from there this evening for a wedding in Melbourne!!! Whoops!! Mother is to blame of course!! At least the farmers are pleased and it's still warm!! I'm sitting on a headland watching whales out to sea and am staying put for the w/e. Too many idiots on the road for me!! I've plenty of Guinness and Truly is happy!!

A Bit of This


Lone Arranger said...

Could you please make it snow? I want to try out my new thermals.

Grizzly said...

...and snow it did. Thank you, Hash Monk - a job well done!