Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Message from the Monk!!

In an effort to keep Burnie Hashers dry in their new coats I managed to cause chaos in southern NSW thereby breaking the drought for them.The trouble is I'm not sure how to stop the rain!!! it has followed me ever since!! Downpours in Newcastle and Sydney over the long w/e and another deep low to hit the south coast tonight!! I left a wet Port Macquarie on Monday... rain all the way to Sydney... cleared for me to negotiate that place without too much trouble! More rain that night until the early hours of this morning.... 4" in the Bega area!! Reasonable today even saw the sun!!  I found a dry, sunny spot at Malacoota this afternoon only to be told that a dirty great low is forcast to hit us tonight!! I'd better warn Lakes Entrance that I'll be there tomorrow!!  Ratchets wine is above the high water mark so should be alright!!  Hope to deliver that either this w/e or early next week depending when I can get on the ferry.

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Grizzly said...

We have enjoyed your efforts at keeping Burnie Hash dry to date, however the rain seems to be following you. I have faith that my Monk will work out where the 'off switch' is before you get back on the ferry to the promised land.