Monday, 13 August 2007

Dickhead of the week - R*n 905

For trying to lure little boys into her car by offering sweeties


Anonymous said...

a few of the launceston boys would like sweets from DT

dini said...

Although our lovely DT mistook Slack Mac for a little boy, even at her most myopic (i.e. for Chewy's benefit, Blind Freddie) she would spot a Launny hasher's motives.
But I notice that our intrepid anonymous hash commentator has discovered lower case...a job, a haircut, what else? Correct capitalisation is the next goal, Mr Anonymous. gRizZLy will be so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I might educate the boys in Launceston. I realise there is capitalisation and lower case

Pronunciation: mI-'O-pE-&
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, from Greek myOpia, from myOp-, myOps
1 : a condition in which the visual images come to a focus in front of the retina of the eye resulting especially in defective vision of distant objects
2 : a lack of foresight or discernment : a narrow view of something
- my·o·pic /-'O-pik, -'รค-/ adjective
- my·o·pi·cal·ly /-pi-k(&-)lE/ adverb

Kind Regards

Carol Keates said...

It's this lovely "Dickhead's birthday next weekend. Happy Birthday Trace
Love Mum
PS She's no Dickhead to me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mum

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Nice to see you have an interest in hash!!!!