Monday, 13 August 2007

Ecology for Daisy

Some Burnie hashers would no doubt remember the two white 'Westies', part of the Patsy and Haggis clan, running freely around the Penguin Caravan Park on one of their holidays up north.

For those who remember, I post the following...

Ecology for a dog

Daisy, a Westhighland Terrier of great character, died tragically when on a mission from her home at Bellingham Estate Winery.

Much loved and cherished pack member of Patsy, Haggis and Bobby and generous friend of Slack Mac and Tals. She was ever alert to danger and ready with a bark.

Vale Daisy

Daisy moved on to that kennel in the sky some weeks ago, but it was only today that I found the 'ecology' penned in her memory. I should have some photos in the archive; if they can be located I will post one at a later date.


Anonymous said...

should it not be 'eulogy' for daisy??

dini said...

Yes, but.

The terms "ecology", "euoligy", "effigy", "epilogue" and "urology" are all greeted with the same sombre-faced nod when a grieving heart asks you to write or deliver one for their dearest departed. Even Grizzly, our most pedantic of spell-checkers, would not deem to correct the bereaved.

On On to the little white dog with the big personality.

Grizzly said...

I have been warned off correcting literary works, therefore it was typed 'as written' and written 'as intended'. For the full story, ask Slack Mac (although you'd never get the ten minutes of your life back).