Friday, 10 August 2007

HHH Hash Trash August 10

As the last echo of tortured songs dies out over the hills of Waratah, the Burnie pack regropes at its second home - Isandula Road.

Hare Ratchet is taking the pack a bit further afield this time, so follow signs from 1054 Isandula Road, Gawler.  Start time is 3:30pm.

Bring hat, mug, joke, piece of wood, friend, chair and tampons - bring extra cash for rigged raffle.
Hobart (H4) - 40 years of hashing in Tasmania
Australia’s 1st and oldest Hash Club (current combined r#n rate in excess of 25,000) invites you & your Hash club to celebrate 40 years of Hashing in Tasmania.

The inaugural H4 Hash r#n was held at Ridgeway on 2nd October 1967 and in memory of that fateful day all Tasmanian Hashers and friends are invited to join H4 on Tuesday 2nd October 2007 at the Ridgeway cross roads (H4 sacred site).

H4 will be digging up the original Hares of 1967, Fred ‘Gods Father’ Whittaker & Graham ‘Barrell’ Farrell to celebrate all that is Hash in Tasmania with a re-r#n of the original Hash trail followed by copious amounts of Cascade and their re-cremation on the BBQ.

Note: An unfortunate fact of Hashing in Tasmania is that you can choose who you Hash with, but unfortunately for most of Tasmanian Hash clubs, H4 is the father of your club – buggery in some cases. Don’t be ashamed of your ancestry, cum along and claim some of your inheritance – although they have pissed most of it up against the wall.

The r#n starts at 6:00pm sharp
Stay tuned – more info to cum
Sep 8-9 - Launceston H3 1700th @ "Queensfield" Breadalbane
Sep 15 - Devonport H3 Tour de Pisse
†Oct 2 - 40th Anniversary of Hashing in Tasmania @ Ridgeway
Oct 13-14 - H5 Oktoberfest @ Mt Field National Park
Oct 20-21 - Burnie Ten weekend
Mar 21-23 2008 - Interhash, Perth WA
R*n 905 - Aug 12 - Ratchet @ Gawler
R*n 906 - Aug 19 - Lone Arranger @ Wynyard
R*n 907 - Aug 26 - Dyke (HOFT #5) @ Meander Falls
R*n 908 - Sep 2 - Chunder @ TBA
R*n 909 - Sep 9 - Tals @ TBA
R*n 910 - Sep 15 - Devonport Tour de Pisse

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