Friday, 17 August 2007

HHH Hash Trash August 17

Second only to Isandula Road, the farm at 64 River Road, Wynyard has been a regular home to Burnie Hash. Well, maybe not a home - more like a frequent public toilet.

That will soon change when Nanna Marj and Blue ups stumps to seek fortune and randy miners in the heartland of Western Australia. Hare Lone Arranger will be sending the pack on a reminiscing tour of all the best runs set around and through the farm (which really just a fancy way of saying we've run it to death and any trail set on Sunday will look the same as any previous). Start time is 3:30pm.

Bring hat, mug, joke, piece of wood, friend, chair and toilet paper (because everything has been put in storage!) - bring extra cash for rigged raffle.

UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
Sep 8-9 - Launceston H3 1700th @ "Queensfield" Breadalbane
Sep 15 - Devonport H3 Tour de Pisse
Oct 2 - 40th Anniversary of Hashing in Tasmania @ Ridgeway
Oct 13-14 - H5 Oktoberfest @ Mt Field National Park
Oct 20-21 - Burnie Ten weekend
Mar 21-23 2008 - Interhash, Perth WA
R*n 906 - Aug 19 - Lone Arranger @ Wynyard
R*n 907 - Aug 26 - Dyke (HOFT #5) @ Meander Falls
R*n 908 - Sep 2 - Chunder @ TBA
R*n 909 - Sep 9 - Tals @ TBA
R*n 910 - Sep 15 - Devonport Tour de Pisse

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