Friday, 30 November 2007

HHH Burnie H3 Christmas r*n

Those keen of eyesight and lacking in productive things to do on a Friday have noticed that the date for the Burnie H3 Christmas r*n was incorrectly reported as 23rd December.

The Burnie H3 Christmas r*n will start at 5:30pm on Sunday 16th December from the offices of King Kommunications, where we will once again try to hide as many beer cans in the office as possible (Phay Wray has to have something to do during the day, other than pick fault with my e-mails).  Dress festively, such as your one-size-fits-no-one Santa suit.

Bring a gift to the value of $10 (this year's DickHead hash theme is lacy underwear) and a plate of food to share.

On! On!
Grizzled Elf

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Anonymous said...

hi all Anonymous and camelot realy wanted to make the christmass run but the launceston carols is on the same night and i have such a good voice and a ice cream van that i am reguested to attend.sorry all