Friday, 16 November 2007

HHH Hash Trash 16th November 2007

Ten years ago on Sunday, hare Where's Wally set out with a bag of flour and with visions in his head of setting the best Burnie hash r*n ever.  The planning was meticulous; the loops, the switch backs, the checks - even a rare double alpha just to bamboozle the likes of Bastard and Slack Mac.  The day was fine and clear, while the sausages and hamburgers were lovingly hand made by local virgins.  The stars were in alignment and WW's horoscope said 'sit back and accept the accolades'.

Unfortunately, other forces were at work; Ringo had to wash his hair, Bastard had booked into have his back waxed, Slack Mac was giving a lecture on nuclear physics at the Gispert Memorial Lecture Theatre.  The fates even arranged for Pooh to be born 11 years earlier that day just to keep Grizzly off trail.  So it transpired that the best trail ever was never followed.

Until this Sunday.  The spirit of Where's Wally's trail lives and will be followed from 5:30pm this Sunday, starting at the end of Scarf Street in Camdale (before it goes up the hill into the golf club).

Bring a hat, mug, friend, joke and $10 for food and bucket; bring extra for Knickers' much-improved-prizes-since-that-whinger-Grizzly-left raffle.

Knickers is having a party on Saturday 1st December as hacienda de la Ratckers. Excitement can hardly be contained, as Knickers unveils her latest purchase - her very own turbo-charged, dual microphone, widescreen karaoke kontraption!  Be still, my beating heart.  The festivities start from mid-afternoon; BYO barbecue meat and grog (not barbecue grog, just grog).  Knickers doesn't want me to tell you that there is inside accommodation for the exclusive inner circle early birds, so I won't.  This is a test run for the official Isandula Idol on February 2. 
I knew that there had to be some upside to moving south.

Jan 19 - High Noon for Full Moon V @ Bothwell
Mar 1 - Hobart Red Dress Run
Mar 21-23 2008 - Interhash, Perth WA
R*n 920 - Nov 18 - Where's Wally @ Camdale
R*n 921 - Nov 25 - Slack Mac @ TBA
R*n 922 - Dec 2 - Ringo @ TBA
R*n 923 - Dec 9 - Dyke @ Wesley Vale (HOFT)
R*n 924 - Dec 16 - Ratchet @ Gawler
R*n 925 - Dec 23 - Phay Ray @ Burnie (Christmas r*n)

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