Friday, 23 November 2007

HHH Hash Trash 23rd November 2007

This week we move from hareless trail to hairless hare as Ringo, the master of the never-ending erection*, sets a post-election misdirection from the Mooreville Road chicken farm (448 Mooreville Road, Burnie), starting at 5:30pm.

The Paul Keating Memorial Day Spa is hot and bubbling**, so bring along bathers and a towel.
Also bring a hat, mug, friend, joke and $10 for food and bucket; bring extra for Knickers' Your Rights At Work leftovers raffle.  Each and every drink coaster a collectors item.

* nothing to do with blue pills, everything to do with unclad walls
** expect beans for hash nosh that evening

Please note that the BH3 Christmas r*n has been moved to the 16th December to beat the Christmas exodus.

Don't forget to mark Knickers' backyard barbie party on Saturday 1st December on your calendar.

Then burn it.
Jan 19 - High Noon for Full Moon V @ Bothwell
Mar 1 - Hobart Red Dress Run
Mar 21-23 2008 - Interhash, Perth WA
R*n 921 - Nov 25 - Ringo @ Burnie
R*n 922 - Dec 2 - Slack Mac @ TBA
R*n 923 - Dec 9 - Dyke @ Wesley Vale (HOFT)
R*n 924 - Dec 16 - Phay Ray @ King Komm (Christmas r*n)

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