Thursday, 22 November 2007

RE: Where's Wally

Oh! The 18th November was it? The same weekend as the V8's.

Sheesh, ya pay top dollar for high quality flour and it doesn’t even last 10 years…Buggar!! I’ll go out to Bass Bakery at lunch time and give them one hell of a serve.

I hear you didn’t turn up…yet again?????

Where’s Wally

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dini said...

The spirit of Where's Wally lived on in the trail followed on Sunday - there were hashers peering out from behind trees in stripey hats. But apart from that there was no resemblance, because it was an excellent r*n, Wally. There were nine of us as witnesses. How many were on the original crappy Wally r*n?
Nevertheless, the wicked trailmaster Grizzly is a deserving recipient of the Hashit, and the latest model should fit him perfectly now that he is an antique too.