Friday, 8 February 2008

HHH Hash Trash 8th February 2008

With floods and storms hitting most of the eastern seaboard, you'd be amazed to hear that A Bit of This isn't on another ill-fated northern excursion, but is readying herself as hare for this Sunday's trail from Upper Natone.

The r*n starts at 5:30 from the Upper Natone Forestry Reserve, Blythe Road, Upper Natone (about 8.5km from Hampshire, along Upper Natone Road).  Look for the travelling gypsy van with long dog.

Bring a hat, mug, joke and friend.  Bring $10 for bucket and tucker, plus extra cash for Knickers' wigged waffle (isn't that a merkin?)


There are now three hash events on 29th February.

There are two 'official' Leap Year hashes - one at Bellerive and the other at Ulverstone - the question is are they both set by the Phantom Hasher? (see for the running commentary)

The Ulverstone chapter starts from the Rocket Park in Ulverstone at 6:30pm, followed by a counter meal at the local.

The southern chapter starts from Kangaroo Bay Drive, Bellerive at 6:30pm - BYO barbecue meat and drinks.

Then there is the POSH Hash AGPU - date and venue TBA.


UP AND CUMMING. ( updated)
Feb 29 - Leap Year Hash @ Ulverstone
Feb 29 - Leap Year Hash @ Bellerive
Feb 29 - POSH Hash AGPU @ TBA
Mar 1 - Hobart Red Dress Run @ Hobart Regatta Pavilion
Mar 21-23 2008 - Interhash, Perth WA
R*n 931 - Feb 10 - A Bit of This @ Upper Natone
R*n 932 - Feb 17 - Dyke @ TBA
R*n 933 - Feb 24 - Speed Hump's breakfast run @ Burnie
R*n 934 - Mar 1 - Red Dress Run @ Hobart Regatta Pavilion (official Burnie r*n)
R*n 935 - Mar 9 - Giggles @ Oldina

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