Monday, 24 March 2008

R*n 937

All Burnie Hash types would know that March 30 Sunday is the real date of the Hash Run, not March 29. So there it is March 30 at 3:30pm, as decreed by the Great One. March 29 is the change from Daylight savings, you've been warned, so excuses about ignorance won't be accepted. Now that the 30th and the 29th have thoroughly confused everyone. there is one final, well maybe two points to be made, the run starts from Somerset Tennis Courts @ 3:30pm. Bring whatever money you have leftover from after the Easter chocolate sales as the on-on will be at the Somerset Pub ( that is the white one on Wragg St).



Anonymous said...

the great one is always right.... so when is the r*n??? I am confused!!!

Anonymous said...

Just to confuse matters more - daylight savings has now been extended until next weekend! But in consultation with the hare, it has been decided that the run will still be at 3.30pm local time (whatever it may happen to be) - if you turn up at 4.30, well, the downs will be waiting at the on-on!
On on from your Grand Master, Speedy