Friday, 11 April 2008

HHH Hash Trash 11 April 2008

Following a Burnie Hash-free* HOFT last week, control of Sunday hashing has been wrested back by Dini, ensuring that this Sunday afternoon will be filled with flour, hash brew and burnt barbecue offerings - just as Gispert decreed.

This week's true trail starts at 3:30pm from the riverside park at the junction of Fern Glade Road and Wattle Avenue in a slightly dislocated area of Emu Heights (in Burnie).

Bring a hat (a funny one), a mug (one that looks like you can open crown seals with it, but can't), a friend (let's not get too fussy here, knowing their first name is optional), and a piece of wood (it's traditional).  Bring $10 to cover run, food and bucket, plus a bit extra for a chance to win something unspeakingly crap in the Knickers raffle.

*casting no nasturtiums on our regular friends from the east
Launceston H3 30th anniversary weekend
Rego forms and flyers have been sent out to each club - see your local On Sec for a copy
The AGPU approaches and On Sec Dini is eagerly awaiting your literary contribution.  For Speed Hump, this means a 1200 word essay on how it felt to be a Grand Mattress for a year; for Urang it requires a crayon drawing, which may or may not be anatomically correct.  Everyone else fits in between.  Blank spaces in the report will be filled with GonZo's photos, which in turn will be filled with rejected jokes from a year of producing hash trashes.

UP AND CUMMING. ( updated)
May 3-4 - Launceston H3 30th anniversary weekend
June 7-8 - Chardonnay Highland Fling

R*n 939 - Apr 13 - Dini @ Fern Glade
R*n 940 - Apr 20 - DT @ Fossil Bluff, Wynyard
R*n 941 - Apr 27 - Knickers @ TBA
R*n 942 - May 3-4 - LH3 Anniversary weekend @ Gravely Beach
R*n 943 - May 11 - Speed Hump @ TBA
R*n 944 - May 18 - Ringo @ TBA
R*n 945 - Saturday May 24 - Burnie H3 AGPU - the JMs @ Burnie
R*n 946 - Jun 1 - Chunder @ TBA
R*n 947 - Jun 7 - Chardonnay Highland Fling @ TBA

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