Friday, 16 May 2008

HHH Hash Trash 16 May 2008

Run 791. May, 2005.
Thirteen hashers, three hours, one small torch, one mobile phone.
That day (night) will live on forever in the minds it scarred - Virgin Danny reclaimed his virginity and left the island, Corpse is now as ethereal as his name implies, Grizzly and Lone Arranger moved to the opposite end of the island, Nicer Pair-a-Tiffs can only hash in small measures, A Bit of This and Truly have found any excuse to spend one more weekend away from the coast. Even one of the hares has exiled himself to a remote part of the big island.

So, why has the Trailmaster agreed to let the remaining hare set a run in the same area at the same time of the year? Is he mad? (Yes) Is he bereft of all commonsense? (Yes) Is he a dickhead? (Well, I wouldn't go that far) (Okay, yes)

Nevertheless, the pack is invited to travel to the hole in the road, at the very end of Dial Road, Penguin, armed with torches, flares, GPS, sniffer dogs, ration packs, thermal blankets and a stiff shot of whiskey for this Sunday's trail, starting at 3:30pm and set by that bastard, B.A. Stard.

Afterwards, assuming that you make it out before dawn, the on on will move back to 6 Adina Court, Penguin, where the hot tub will be percolating away (beans for nosh?).

Bring the aforementioned safety items, a hat, a mug, a joke, and someone you may never speak to again, afterwards. Bring extra for a raffle's chance to win Knickers, knickers or something worth having.

Preparations for next week's big 2008 AGPU extravaganza are well in hand (well, something's in hand). The platforms are being shoe-d, the flares are being widened and Urang's mirrored balls have never looked so shiny.

If you are intending to be a part of Disco Infirmo, let Phay Ray and Dini know at the last minute, so that they can panic about not having enough food.

UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
May 24 - Burnie AGPU @ Burnie
June 7-8 - Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Lake St. Clair Resort

† R*n 944 - May 18 - Bastard @ Dial Road, Penguin
R*n 945 - Saturday May 24 - Burnie H3 AGPU - the JMs @ Burnie
R*n 946 - Jun 1 - Chunder @ TBA
R*n 947 - Jun 7 - Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Lake St. Clair Resort, Derwent Bridge
R*n 948 - Jun 15 - Ringo @ TBA
R*n 949 - Jun 22 - A Bit of This @ TBA
R*n 950 - Jun 29 - The new JMs (but I bet the new JMs can't count, either)

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