Friday, 3 October 2008

Hash Trash 03 October 2008

All winter Ringo has been storing late seconds, late minutes and late hours.  Most would assume that this was because he was disorganised, however I can now revealed that this 'lost' time has been converted into something quite special that he calls 'Extra Hours of Sunshine Time'.  The name might need a bit of polish, however the concept is sound as, from this Sunday, an extra hour of daylight has been allocated to the pursuit of hashing excellence.  Well done, Ringo!

First cab off the hashing excellence rank is non-English speaking Punjabi-native Dini, who is setting a rural stroll starting at 5:30pm REHST from Sargent's shop, on Mount Road, Ridgley, followed by an on-on at the chicken farm.

Bring a hat, mug, joke, friend, piece of wood, sitar and $10 for brew and tucker.  Bargain.  Bring some extra GonZo for a chance to win something cheap and nasty in the money raffle.

For a Viking good time on the Norse West Coast, see the flyer currently doing the rounds at your local hash, or online at
October 11 - Hobart Hash Harem 500th @ John Doggett Park (cnr Browne and Hamilton Street, West Hobart)
October 11-12 - Hobart (H5) Oktoberfest @ Mt Field
October 18-19 - Burnie H3 Burnie 10 weekend
November 1 - Combined Hash Ball @ Lenah Valley RSL
May 1-3 - 2009 Aussie Nash Hash @ Cairns
R*n 965 - Oct 5 - Dini @ Mount Rd, Ridgley
R*n 966 - Oct 12 - Flasher @ 118 Upper Maude Street, Ulverstone
R*n 967 - Oct 18 - The JMs - Burnie 10 weekend, part I
R*n 968 - Oct 19 - Burnie 10 weekend, part II
R*n 969 - Oct 26 - Back to Chunder

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