Friday, 10 October 2008

Hash Trash 10 October 2008

How many people would take a plastic potty on holiday with them?  How many of those people would take a stolen plastic potty on holiday with them?  From the remainder, how many would scratch obscene and highly inaccurate messages in the side of the stolen plastic potty that was taken on holiday with them?  From the few depraved souls left, who would take photos of scratched obscene and highly inaccurate messages in the side of the stolen plastic potty that was taken on holiday with them?

Just one.
And now the Trailmaster *cough* has seen fit to let this obviously mentally deranged person set a trail for Burnie Hash.

Hare Flasher the Hashit Knapper's trail starts at 5:30pm REHST from 118 Upper Maude Street, Ulverstone.  Best of luck!
Bring a hat, mug, joke, friend, piece of wood, corset and $10 for brew and tucker. Bargain. Bring some extra nasty for a chance to win something GonZo in the money raffle.

For a Viking good time on the Norse West Coast, see the flyer currently doing the rounds at your local hash, or online at
After consultation with key stakeholders (went to pub, had drinks) it has been decided that the combined hash clubs of
Tasmania will again put their hands up to host an Aussie Nash Hash (applause).

It was decided that Hobart (won coin toss) would be offered as a venue for Aussie Nash Hash 2011, and preliminary planning has secured a venue within walking (staggering) distance of the Hobart CBD and the support of the Lord Mayor of Hobart (we contacted him, he didn't say 'no').

This bid is being chaired by Lone Arranger (last person standing after drinks) and she has the support of hashers from across the state (unless we lose the bid, then we turn on her).

It is proposed that Aussie Nash Hash 2011 be held on the weekend of Friday 25th to Sunday 27th February 2011 (good weather, thanks global warming), with pre- and post-lubes being hosted by various chapters throughout the State (we told them, they didn't say 'no').

More info when it comes to hand (masturbation joke deleted) and free maps.
Until then, go and get FNQ'd.
On! On!
Tassie bid team
2011 Aussie Nash Hash
October 11 - Hobart Hash Harem 500th @ John Doggett Park (cnr Browne and Hamilton Street, West Hobart)
October 11-12 - Hobart (H5) Oktoberfest @ Mt Field
October 18-19 - Burnie H3 Burnie 10 weekend
November 1 - Combined Hash Ball @ Lenah Valley RSL
May 1-3 - 2009 Aussie Nash Hash @ Cairns
R*n 966 - Oct 12 - Flasher @ 118 Upper Maude Street, Ulverstone
R*n 967 - Oct 18 - The JMs - Burnie 10 weekend, part I
R*n 968 - Oct 19 - Burnie 10 weekend, part II
R*n 969 - Oct 26 - Back to Chunder

On on

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