Friday, 31 October 2008

Hash Trash 24 October 2008

By Joint Masterly decree, this long weekend (for some!) has been declared a hash-free zone as people flit off here (here being Hobart) and there (there being somewhere other than Hobart) (possibly Munich) in celebration of Recreation Day (too many brackets).

The southern-destined hashers will be donning the green make-up (or in some cases, just leaving their regular make-up off) to look scary at the combined hashes masked ball and 100th POSH stroll.  Up north, the tumbleweeds continue their unrestricted journey down the hashless streets of Burnie.

'Normal' hashing resumes next weekend, courtesy of a hare-y Hash Monk, DT.
With nothing to do this weekend, how about checking out changes to the Burnie ( and Devonport blogs (  Take part in polls, view pics of the Burnie 10 weekend and even find out how to make fishy soup.  Also head to the Chardonnay blog ( and vote for Grizzly as Chardonnay's sexiest male (the rest are simply DROSS!).
November 1 - Combined Hash Ball @ Lenah Valley RSL
November 12 - 30th anniversary of Burnie H3
May 1-3 - 2009 Aussie Nash Hash @ Cairns
No r*n - Nov 2
R*n 971 - Nov 9 - DT @ Montello
R*n 972 - Nov 16 - HOFT to Gunns Plains
R*n 973 - Nov 23 - Ratchet @ TBA
R*n 974 - Nov 30 - A Bit of This @ TBA

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