Thursday, 9 April 2009

Giggles' Easter R*n

This week's trail departs from Giggles' house at Loongana Place in the heart of Somerset - it's a small street and I can't remember what number - look for the silver Toorak Tractor with the hash foot on the back, parked in the driveway.
Meet at 3 pm, Sunday April 12th for car pooling to the actual r*n start, rumoured to be up Calder Road, but not at Giggs parents house.  Bring Easter supplies - Big Ears, Fluffy Bottom, shiny eggs, spicy buns.  Hat, mug, joke, $10 and raffle coinage.
On On
Poxy web-wanker and Shadowy Figure in training - just in case the real one forgot to do his job this week...

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Anonymous said...

Thank heavens someone is in training... the shadowy figure appears to have vanished in the mists!