Friday, 15 May 2009

HHH Hash Trash 15 May 2009

Once again the future of Burnie Hash's finest and fittest (and a few other layabouts) is placed into the hands of a hasher from DickHead hash, this time for a trek to Mt Pillinger.  I've never even heard of it, let alone had a keen desire to walk to (or up) it, but Dyke has and he's the hasher in charge.

Bring a hat, mug, joke, friend, day-walk gear, lunch, and money for pub tea.
Meet at the Big Apple, 104 Mersey Main Road, Spreyton at 7:30am sharp for convoy to the drop zone.
UP AND CUMMING. ( updated)
May 23 - Burnie AGPU - Bone Idol karaoke pseudo-spectacular
June 6-8 - Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Great Lake Hotel, Miena
June 21 -
Burnie H3 1000th
Jul 25-26 - Waratah Wild West Weekend
August 15-16 - Devonport H3's Tour de Pisse
September 9 - 7th Global Harriettes R*n (09/09/09)
October 17-18 - Burnie 10 weekend

R*n 997 - May 17 - Dyke's HOFT to Mt Pillinger
R*n 998 - May 23 - Burnie AGPU -
Bone Idol karaoke pseudo-spectacular @ Isandula Rd, Gawler
R*n 999 - May 30 - Hare required
R*n 1001 - June 7 - Highland Fling
R*n 1002 - June 15 - New Trailmaster's responsibility
R*n 1000 - June 21 -
Burnie 1000th
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Anonymous said...

A point of order Mr. Webwanker.. DT set r*n 996. A Bit of This set r*n 997 on Mothers Day.. Dykes HOFT will be 998 The AGPU 999.

Web Wanker said...

Thanks for not paying attention, Ms Anonymous. The OFFICIAL web wanker records show DT setting r*n 996, some non-traditionalist setting 996.5 on sacred Mothers Day and Dykes HOFT 997.

Anonymous said...

Now who's not being traditional?? How can one have 1/2 a r*n??

Keeper of the Flame said...

If you check the records, you will find run 68.5. Tradition, I say!