Monday, 31 May 2010

2010/11 Mismanagement

With all the pomp and ceremony accorded such a momentous occasion, the outgoing JMs announced the all NEW Burnie H3 mismanagement committee (see if you can spot the difference):

Grand Master - BoomBoom
Joint Masters - Giggles and Urang
On Sec - Bint
Hash Cash - Chunder
Hash Hops - Ringo
Hash Lips - Speed Hump and Knickers
Trailmaster - Dyke
Hash Flash - Ringo
Hash Horn - Chunder
Hash Monk - GonZo
Hash LegEnd - Trakka
Web Wanker - A Bit of This

1 comment:

A Bit of This said...

I think you have made a small error. I work with carrier pigeons not Blogs!!!