Friday, 21 May 2010

Hash Trash 21 May 2010

Dear reader

I hope that this humble communication finds you well. You certainly didn't allude to any ailments when you e-mailed me two minutes ago to complain about the lack of 'trash', so I'll assume that you have little else to worry about at this time.

I understand that this week's trail is being set by Chunder. I do hope that the boy has found some visible flour this time; I must say that I have kept an eye out for his special invisible flour at my local inconvenience store, but have found it as elusive as fresh non-bendy/wilted vegetables. Fresh Food People, my sphincter (sorry Dins).

His choice of trail start is also somewhat beguiling; again with the effing boat ramps. I swear that he's doing this on purpose. Apparently it starts from the second boat ramp, but from which end do you count? I know that GonZo says that there are three, so second from either end is still the same, but I swear that those things pop in and out from alternate dimensions - there were never three boat ramps when I was terrorising the neighbourhood.

Trail, of course, starts at 3:00pm, which allows enough time to run, walk or stroll the trail, have a circle, meal and still be home in time for whichever excuse for entertainment starts at 7:30pm (I'm sorry, but unless there's a three metre scarf involved, he's not MY Doctor). Slight fly in the ointment this week, however, as the meal will be at a local hotel, but I'm sure that Speed Hump will arrange for the meals to be pre-ordered and on the table at 6:00pm!

Bring hat, blah, blah, blah.

One week until the AGPU. Just one more of these things to complete and just one more week to be harangued by the Pommie harridan (20/20 is NOT real cricket).

Lovingly yours
Web Wanker
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
Friday May 28 — LoonRhasH @ Ulverstone
Saturday May 29 – Burnie H3 AGPU
June 12-13 – Chardonnay Highland Fling
Saturday June 26 - LoonRhasH @ Shearwater
July 2-4 – 2010 Rainforest Interhash
August 7 - Hash Ball
August 14 - Wild West Weekend VIII @ Waratah
September 4 - DH3 Tour de Pisse
October 10 - Global Harriettes Day (10/10/10)
October 16-17 - Burnie Ten weekend
† R*n 1053 - 23/05/2010 - Chunder @ 2nd Wynyard boat ramp
R*n 1054 - 29/05/2010 - AGPU - Ratchet @ 1054 Isandula Rd, Gawler
R*n 1055 - 06/06/2010 - HOFT - Dyke @ TBA
R*n 1056 - 13/06/2010 - Highland Fling

On! On!

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