Thursday, 24 June 2010

Burnie HHH.

While the Web Wanker swans off to Borneo we have to survive in a much less technical form!
Run 1057. Sunday 27th June 3pm Parklands High School car park. Look for the scaled down mobile post code!! ie: Dini's car. Bring all the usual stuff but include extra flour for a millstone r*n. On-on at the chicken farm where in the absence of the owners we will riot and rampage !!
Don't forget LoonRhash on Saturday night 26th June. Shearwater Country Club 6.30pm.
On-on A Bit of This.


A Bit of This said...

Who spotted the deliberate mistake??? R*n 1058 is on Sunday!!!

Grizzly said...

Usurper! Not only have you stolen my job, but you've also added my tradmark deliberate mistake! Just you wait until I return!

A Bit of This said...

of ThisOh dear Grizzly,

A female PM; 2-0 in the one day matches and we won the rugby!!! Not your day! Anyway someone had to keep the ship afloat while you're off having fun!!