Friday, 4 June 2010

Hash Trash 4 June 2010

Dear reader

I bet that you didn't see this one coming! Imagine my SURPRISE at being reappointed to the lofty position of Web Wanker for YET ANOTHER YEAR. I CRIED tears of joy at hearing the news; honestly I'm NOT WORTHY.

And so, dear reader, I resign myself to another 52 WEEKS of Friday e-mails, which when seasonally adjusted for absences at Interhash, illness, ANH2011 commitments, computer downtime and general don't-give-a-f*ckedness should equate to about a dozen messages. Oh well, I suppose I can extend myself that far, if only for your personal gratification.

This week's trail, isn't. It's a HOFT led by tyro Trailmaster Dyke to Little Fishers River. HOFTers will meet at the big apple at Spreyton at 10:00am. Bring 100% of your daily nutritional requirements and clothes (nude HOFTing is only a summer thang), plus cash for the usual post-HOFT debrief at a pub.

Resignedly yours

SATURDAY 14TH AUGUST - Run commences 2:00 pm (arrive at Bischoff Hotel around noon)

Cost is $70.00 a head which includes:
Run, circle, printed patch, three-course home cooked meal, accommodation at Bischoff Hotel, cooked breakfast

Acts required! Heaps of prizes for best male and female, best duo, best male and female group, best costumes, etc.
You can sing along or mime your act, so get started right now!

Only 39 beds available at the pub - Payment required IN FULL to secure a place
Contact Dini on 6433 3333 for bank deposit details
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
June 12-13 – Chardonnay Highland Fling (SOLD OUT)
Saturday June 26 - LoonRhasH @ Shearwater
July 2-4 – 2010 Rainforest Interhash
August 7 - Hash Ball
August 14 - Wild West Weekend VII @ Waratah
September 4 - DH3 Tour de Pisse
October 10 - Global Harriettes Day (10/10/10)
October 16-17 - Burnie Ten weekend
R*n 1055 - 06/06/2010 - HOFT - Dyke - HOFT to Little Fishers River
R*n 1056 - 13/06/2010 - Highland Fling (SOLD OUT - no room at the Inn)

On! On!

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A Bit of This said...

I'm so pleased you have taken up the WW reins again. My carrier pigeon took stage fright and flew away!!!