Friday, 2 July 2010

Burnie HHH.

No 'Millstones' this week (we are still trying to get rid of the flour storm debris at the chicken farm) but there will be celebrations aplenty when our very own captive American... GonZo sets fourth with her stars,stripes and spangled banner  from the far end of Woolworths carpark in Upper Burnie.
A prompt 3pm start for all including a certain Mr. B A Stard of DH3.
Wear suitable attire; bring the usual $10 plus grail and extra money in case anyone decides to run a raffle. There will be plenty of booze for all; unlike in Brunei where our lost amigos have had to resort to drinking chocolate milk shakes!!! The On-on will be at 31 Seaview Ave. Burnie.
On-on A Bit of This.

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