Friday, 16 July 2010

Hash Trash 16 July 2010

To celebrate of the return of our glorious band of tee total hashers from outer Brunei Burnie hashers are requested to convene at the lower car park...(the gravel end) of the University in Mooreville Road for a r*n set by Speed Hump. R*n will commence at 3pm prompt. The On-on will be moved to the new House of Hump in Ridgely where we will imbibe tea and eat scones, jam and Devonshire cream in recognition of our non-drinking friends!

Personally I'd kill for a burnt sausage and a Guinness but we must observe these new Hash Traditions!! (Wonder how long they will last???)

There will be yet another 'millstone' to celebrate.... this time Speedy is welcome to the flour storm as I'm fed up with eating muddy scones at the chicken farm!! The grit gets in my teeth and even the chickens ignore them!!

Now that the 'ABC draw card' at 7.30pm has finished  we may now continue the celebrations with cocoa until late!!

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