Friday, 6 August 2010

Hash Trash 06 August 2010

Dear reader 
I'm afraid that this will be our last piece of 'intimate' corespondence.  You will recall that I spoke briefly of 'the other'; it now appears that there may be more.  I've just been abused by some bint in Burnie because I had yet to send my regular communique to you, dear reader.  No longer, it seems, can I type sweet nothings for viewing via your graphic user interface only. 
Regardless, I acknowledge your correspondence advising that the Trailmaster has fallen to the age-old device of setting a run himself instead of finding hares.  I hope that he is at least good at setting trail. 
I gather that you will gather at his Tuggers summer house at 2/64 Tugrah Rd. Spreyton.  I also gather that there will be cake, both cooked and in its rawest form - a birthday and 450 run 'millstone', no less. 
Are you still running at 3:00pm?  Shirley you should have started moving it out to the summer start time by now! 
Don't forget to bring the headwear, the cash and the grail. 
And so, dear reader, I sign off for a final time, or at least until they all get bored again and you return to being my sole reader, abbreviated to r-sole. 
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
Saturday August 7 - Hash Ball
Saturday August 14-15 - Wild West Weekend VII @ Waratah
Saturday August 21 - Election Day Hash (Hobart)
Saturday September 4 - DH3 Tour de Pisse
Thursday September 23 - LoonR Hash @ Legana Tavern
Friday September 24 - Hobart Full Moon AGPU
Saturday September 25 - AFL Grand Final Day runs (Hobart and Launceston)
Saturday October 2 - LH3 1900th @ Lulworth
Saturday October 2 - H5 Oktoberfest
Sunday October 10 - Global Harriettes Day (10/10/10)
Saturday October 16-17 - Burnie Ten weekend
Saturday October 30 - LH4 850th @ Ansons Bay

R*n 1065 - 14/08/2010 - Wild West Weekend @ Waratah
R*n 1065.5 - 15/08/2010 - Recovery Run @ Waratah
R*n 1066 and all that - 22/08/2010 - Ringo @ TBA

On! On!


A Bit of This said...

Life will never be the same again!! Although I doubt your "other" readers will be as loyal,faithful or truly as I have been.

Speed Hump said...

Oh do not desert us, dear w-wanker! There are distressed maidens yet to be rescued (from maidenhood, mostly), and dragons to fight! Not least of whom r*n with BH3!
Your Faithful Follower (ie Griz Groupie)
Speed Hump