Friday, 8 April 2011

HHH Hash Trash 08 April 2011

On one thousand, and ninety nine occasions some flour has been ritually thrown to the ground in and around the Burnie area, shortly thereafter eagerly followed by a group of athletes.  Sure, sometimes it hasn't been flour - or even trail - and sometimes it's not been in or around Burnie (unless you class the crime-riddled streets of West Moonah as a suburb of Burnie).  Granted, they're not all athletes, either.  Not even 'special' athletes.

Regardless, this Sunday marks the 1,100th occasion of something that may or may not resemble a trail set for the Burnie Hash House Harriers, which is by most standards something to be celebrated.  Unless you happen to be a member of the Burnie hash House Harriers, apparently.

So, this Sunday hare Ratchet will deliver his usual high standard of trail, sans trumpets and fanfare to mark the auspicious milestone (although the usual strumpets will be in attendance), starting at 4pm from 1054 Isandula Road, Gawler.

Bring a hat, mug, joke, friend, $10, raffle change and extra drinks if you are a p!sshead.  Who knows, perhaps there'll be a chocolate biscuit to celebrate - just the one, mind you.

This weekend also sees the nuptials of Grand Master BoomBoom and Joint Master Giggles (let us hope that there's no confusion and he doesn't accidentally wind up with JM Urang!).  Congratulations to both lovely people and we wish them all the hashing best for the future!

UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
April 18th 2011—LoonRhasH (Devonport Hares)
April 18th 2011—H5 AGPU @ Polish Club
May 28th 2011—Burnie HHH AGPU
June 11-13th 2011—Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Bronte Park
October 16th 2011—Burnie Ten
November 11th 2011—Global Harriettes
1100 April 10th—Ratchet
1101 April 17th—Ringo
1102April 24th—Easter Tarkine HOFT
1103 May 1st—Urang
1104 May 8th—Lone Arranger
1105 May 15th—A Bit of This
1106 May 22nd—TBA
1107 May 28th—?AGPU

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