Friday, 3 June 2011

HHH Hash Trash 03 June 2011

And so, dear reader, here we are.  Again.  Just you and me, or should that be 'I'?  Not 'I and me', although sometimes I wonder.

A new year and a new committee *cough* rejuvinated to bring hashing excellence to Burnie and the broader Tasmanian hash community.

First hare off the rank, and the first trail to be forgotten when it comes to awards time, is being set by Speed Hump from Hump cottage, 1042 Ridgley Highway, Ridgley.

Bring: Hat Mug Joke Friend $10 and extra drinks.

Happy new hashing year!
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
June 11-13th 2011 — Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Bronte Park
July 23rd — Bonfire @ Black Tracka’s. Ever wanted to stuff a Guy and then burn him? Yeah, me too. Bangs with sparks guaranteed.
August 13-14th — Guildford rides again, come as your favourite Terrorist??
August 20-21st — Launceston H3 1950th campout, venue TBA
September 17th, Saturday — Devonport Hash’s le Tour de Pisse
October 15-16th — Burnie Ten weekend
October 29-30th — H5 Oktoberfest, Bruny Island (date to be confirmed)
November 11th — Global Harriettes (11.11.11)
1108 June 11-13—Highland Fling
1109 June 19th—TBA
† 1110 June 26th—Flasher @ Burnie Pool
† 1112 July 3rd—Sword Swallower @ TBA

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