Friday, 1 July 2011

HHH Hash Trash 01 July 2011

The King is dead.  Really dead, this time.

Like any newly-installed monarch, King Ringo the First has scarpered off in the regal economy class carrier of choice to visit his peers in the old country, leaving his loyal subjects to pretty much do what they like, which is what they would have done, regardless.  Meanwhile, the hare to the throne has been fitted into a fetching new red vest and is contemplating life as a tampon.

With King Ringo overseas, his loyal subjects have declared six weeks of feasting and will start with a gathering at 3pm from Royal Wimbeldon (Burnie sub-branch), Eastwood Drive, Burnie, under the republican gaze of hare Sword Swallower (let them drink cake!).

Bring: Hat Mug Joke Friend $10, raffle money and extra drinks.
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
July 17th — Hobart Full Moon H3 200th run @ Two Metre Tall Brewery, Hayes
July 23rd — Bonfire @ Black Tracka’s. Ever wanted to stuff a Guy and then burn him? Yeah, me too. Bangs with sparks guaranteed.
August 13-14th — Devonport HHH does Guildford, contact Black Tracka on 0419 442 220 for details
August 20-21st — Launceston H3 1950th campout @ Myrtle Park
September 17th, Saturday — Devonport Hash’s le Tour de Pisse
October 15-16th — Burnie Hash’s Burnie Ten weekend, roll on up to the greatest slow on earth
October 29-30th — H5 Oktoberfest, Bruny Island (date to be confirmed)
October 31st — Kids with cancer charity run @ Hobart College
November 11th — Global Harriettes (11.11.11)
1113 July 10th—Hare required
1114 July 17th—Hare required
1115 July 24th—Hare required
1116 July 31st—Hare required
1117 August 7th—Hare required
1118 August 14th—Hare required, etc (combined LoonRhasH)

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