Friday, 22 July 2011

HHH Hash Trash 22 July 2011

To some, the sight of a crisp, white linen dress, the smell of a freshly clipped grass and the satisfying clunk of two heavy balls coming together is enough to commit whole weekends to.

Hare Dyke doesn't strike me as an avid watcher of Jack High, but for this week he's willing recognise the value of a good head, as Burnie trail starts at 3pm from the Turners Beach Bowls Club in Susan Street.

Personally, I'm disappointed that my dear reader is off having a terrible time in Europe, because I reckon she'd look a cracker in flat shoes and that fetching white hat they wear.

On on will be removed to the manor at 14-16 Coral Avenue, West Ulverstone.
Bring: Hat, Mug, Friend, Joke, $10 and raffle money, and extra drinks if you are a p*sshead.
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
August 20-21st — Launceston H3 1950th campout @ Myrtle Park
September 17th, Saturday — Devonport Hash’s le Tour de Pisse
October 15-16th — Burnie Hash’s Burnie Ten weekend, roll on up to the greatest slow on earth
October 29-30th — H5 Oktoberfest, Bruny Island (date to be confirmed)
October 31st — Kids with cancer charity run @ Hobart College
November 11th — Global Harriettes (11.11.11)
1116 July 31st—Chunder
1117 August 7th—Ratchet
1118 August 14th—Speed Hump (combined LoonR)

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Dear Reader. said...

Dear Mr Webwanker.You know me so well!! I just love hats!!!