Friday, 9 September 2011

HHH Hash Trash 9 September 2011

R*n 1122 - On the anniversary of Nine Eleven, where in the world could
a citizen of the USA feel secure? In due deference to Sword
Swallower's concerns, Pucker Boy will be setting this week's trail
from the safest place in the world, Blythe Heads campground at
Heybridge. It's so full of bikie gangs, there's never any trouble
Bring: Hat, Mug, Friend, Joke, $10 and raffle money. Those with
asteroids should ensure their own comfort at the On On by bringing a
chair. The Hare suggests that there may be mud on trail, and that
floaties and budgie smugglers may also have their place. North side
of the Heybridge Roundabout, Sunday September 11th, 3pm.

UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
September 17th, Saturday — Devonport Hash's le Tour de Pisse
October 15-16th — Burnie Hash's Burnie Ten weekend, roll on up to the
greatest slow on earth
October 29-30th — H5 Oktoberfest, Bruny Island
October 31st — Kids with cancer charity run @ Hobart College
November 11th — Global Harriettes (11.11.11)
† November 12th — Posh Hash Springy Balls @ Shoreline, Hobart
1123 Saturday September 17th - Tour de Pisse
1124 September 25th - Dyke
1125 October 2nd - LaLa
1126 October 9th - A Bit of This
1127 October 15th - JM's Burnie Ten Circus
1128 October 16th - Burnie Ten


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Swordy is Canadian but I don't suppose that matters!!

Dear reader said...

Your "Dear Reader" is overjoyed to see you in print again!!You have been missed!