Monday, 23 July 2012

Burnie is Invited!

Yes Burnie Hashers, yes you too are invited to come and be entertained by GoneAgain's fundraisers!

The best of the best of the best, most suited to Hash is the one next Friday at Crow's OzRock Inn. Friday 26 July at 630pm. Entry at the door is $55, but if you book online it is much cheaper (Hash rates). Includes Crow's Asian Culinary Creation matched with Tracka supplied wines. Beer is supplied at $2/glass for boutique beer! And the cruncher.... we have Ruth Wambui, the famous Kenyan Rock, star performing for us! She just arrived last week and is about to catch a cold. I gave her good medicine, but really, even if she doesn't sing she'd be great! Trust me on that one...

Now go and book at:

If you can't make Friday night there is a lunchtime fundraiser at the Devonport Drysdale Restaurant on Thursday 9 August. Same link.

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